Meet Hannah Tivey, PhD, an OPEN Health Scientific Trailblazer

Written on Thursday 16th May 2024

With a passion for bridging the gap between science and creativity, Hannah Tivey prides herself on combining imagination, intuition, and lateral thinking, together with scientific rigor.

Hannah is a scientist by training – she has a degree in biochemistry & genetics and a PhD in cancer cell biology – as well as a passionate communicator and strategist. She began her career in medical communications as a Medical Writer and has since held a number of senior positions in scientific and creative services.

Her varied experience in Medical Communications spanning Medical Affairs, Promotional Med Ed, and experiential brand engagement gives Hannah a unique perspective and allows her to view challenges through multiple lenses.

Hannah’s style focuses on fostering a culture of partnership, critical thinking and ‘innovation with purpose’ to create insights-driven, audience-centric engagement strategies. In particular, she thrives on helping clients and colleagues generate ideas and solve problems through workshops, and is a strong believer in the power of collective intelligence. She is committed to helping her Medical Affairs clients implement omnichannel strategies, and measure and communicate the impact of medical omnichannel activities, and to exploring how AI can enhance efficiency, innovation and impact measurement.

At this year’s MAPS EMEA conference, Hannah was involved in a workshop titled Realising the Vision: Implementing Omnichannel in Your Medical Affairs Communication Plans to Deliver Patient Impact
Date: 12 May, 2024
12:15-1:45 PM (CEST​) 

Hannah’s unique combination of scientific, strategic and creative prowess makes her a Scientific Trailblazer at OPEN Health. 


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