OPEN Health – committed to patient outcomes in rare oncology

Written on Friday 12th July 2019

OPEN Health are delighted to be supporting the rare oncology edition of rare revolution magazine.

In our supplement you will find articles written by representatives from across our practices; all focussed on improving patient outcomes in rare oncology. We were also really pleased to have an opportunity to interview Jane Lyons from Cancer52 so recommend anyone working in this space should take a look:

Rare Revolution Magazine - Rare Cancer Edition

We asked our Director of Rare Disease, Gavin Jones, and our Director of Oncology, Sean McGrath some key questions on rare oncology – watch the interview to find out more!

For more information about OPEN Health’s investment in rare oncology, please contact:

Gavin Jones, Director of Rare Disease, OPEN Health

+44 (0) 7795 038952