A day in the life of a Learning & Development Senior Account Executive

Written by Gabby Santa Cruz, Communications and Connectivity Manager on Friday 9th April 2021

We asked Stephen Hare to give us an insight into his role as a Senior Account Executive at OPEN Health

Briefly describe a typical working day

My day is quite variable but often starts with me checking my emails. That is quite humdrum I know, but it can lead down some interesting avenues. Perhaps a client needs help with an upcoming event, or maybe we have some feedback to check for a presentation. Who knows what the day will bring, but I like not knowing quite where it will end up. It goes without saying that I have my share of meetings, including leading chats with clients and checking in with my team – it is always lovely to see their faces. Last but not least, I work on content development. It is not only the writers who develop our resources - in between writing budgets and meeting reports, I will help edit podcasts, review a training video script and write eLearning questions, just to name a few things.

What aspect of your day/role do you enjoy most?

As cliché as this may be, I genuinely like talking to clients. I partner with some lovely people, and I get a great satisfaction from hearing how the learning resources our team has produced have been well received. It is great for my morale knowing that everyone is happy with our work. Furthermore, I have always been happy thinking that if just one patient has benefited from our work somewhere in the world, then it is a job well done.

What challenges do you typically have to manage?

In some sense, we are always fighting against the clock. Everyone has deadlines, and while some are more set in stone than others, certain projects will require deliverables at a precise time. Sure, there is pressure in that, but it is always countered by how well you plan. Many moons ago, I used to be a laboratory researcher, and if I took anything forward from that part of my life, it is that efficiency is king. There is always a way around a problem, and a little step back and some good planning will help a project run smoother.

What makes working at OPEN Health great? What’s different about working here?

Perhaps more clichés here, but seriously it is the people. Everyone I have encountered at OPEN Health is so willing to help and offer a guiding hand when needed. The attitude here is so positive, at every level.

Do you have any advice for those considering a career as a Senior Account Executive?

The single most useful thing I could say is that if you do not think an account handling role like this is for you…reconsider! I spent years across my degrees, studying for my PhD and working in the laboratory, and I never would have thought this job would be for me, but I really like it! I still use my scientific acumen and keep up to date with exciting developments in the pharmaceutical world. At the same time, I have expanded my skills and developed a whole new side to my career.

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