Healthcare innovation white paper: the big ideas shaping the future of pharma

Written on Wednesday 8th April 2015

Following an inspiring meeting in June 2014 on the future of the pharma industry, David Rowley, CEO of OPEN Health has published his white paper, “Health innovation: big ideas”, a call to action to the pharma industry to innovate, adapt, flex and grow. With exciting predictions for the future of healthcare worldwide, this paper marks a sea change in the way our industry must think and act if it is to meet the fast-changing needs of patients in the real world.

The meeting, hosted by OPEN Health and featuring speakers from across the forefront of innovative healthcare businesses, was held at BMA House in London, and examined the increasingly powerful connections between science, healthcare and technology to champion wellbeing, looking beyond traditional healthcare and the simple provision of medicines.

Now available to read in full, the white paper outlines not only the metamorphosis the pharma industry has undergone in recent years but also the seismic shifts forecasted in the near future. The emphasis is moving inexorably towards the prevention of chronic disease, as a measure to not only improve the health of the general population but also to minimise the staggering avoidable costs spent on the management of conditions such as heart disease, hypertension and diabetes. By harnessing existing, burgeoning and predicted technologies from medical science and –till now- purely consumer brands such as Apple and Google, pharma businesses can be at the vanguard of this exciting new era in the industry.

The full white paper, “Healthcare innovation: the big ideas shaping the future of pharma” is available to read now.