MedAffairs Leaders Forum, 26-28 February, London “How Patient Centred Outcomes can enhance your evidence strategy"

Written by Dr Angela Rylands on Thursday 7th March 2019

Dr Angela Rylands PhD CPsychol, Principal Consultant of the Patient Centred Outcomes team at OPEN VIE, presented on how patient centred outcome data can enhance evidence generation at this year’s Medical Affairs Leaders Forum.

Here is a snapshot of one of the key slides that Angela shared with the audience:

Pcos Angela Malf Slide

Angela went into detail on exactly WHAT does quantifying the patient voice (i.e. patient centred outcomes) involve, WHERE can we collect this evidence and HOW do we go about doing this?

Patient centred outcomes information tell us about a number of different things that are important to patients, and provides the back-drop for making the development of new medicines relevant to patients and ultimately their success in the market place.

What: Across the lifecycle, in the pharmaceutical industry, we need to define burden of illness, unmet need, clinical benefit, effectiveness of treatments, preference, adherence and satisfaction of treatments, and with PCO evidence generation, we can do this, all from the patient or carer perspective.

Where: We can collect information about these different elements from real world evidence studies, investigator lead clinical trials, registration trials and from the published literature.

How: To really delve into the detail we can conduct specific and discrete projects to pull out this information, for example with clinician surveys, patient 1:1 interviews, conducting literature reviews, validating and interpreting existing data (e.g. according to detailed psychometrics), carer surveys, patient surveys, clinician 1:1 interviews, carer interviews, advisory boards and focus groups with patients, carers or clinicians.


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