COMMunity: Unifying and recognizing our brilliant people

Written by Gabby Santa Cruz, Communications and Connectivity Manager on Monday 7th February 2022

At OPEN Health, we know that without our wonderful people we would not be able to deliver the exciting, innovative work that we are so proud of. In January 2021, we integrated several teams into one global Communications Practice across multiple regions and time zones.

One of our primary goals was to build an internal communications and recognition program to keep our people informed and connected and allow us to recognize and celebrate the enormous value our colleagues bring.

And that’s how COMMunity was born…

COM Munity banner 600x230

The name ‘COMMunity’ highlights how we see our Communications Practice — as one big, connected team:

  • Weekly newsletters allow us to share updates, celebrate our people and their successes, and provide a platform for anyone to send questions or feedback to our leadership team
  • Our Teams channels encourage collaboration across the business, so our people can share news, ideas, and achievements, ask for support, or share something fun: everything from favorite shows to advice on how to run a particular project
  • We have local and global social events as well as CSR initiatives, ensuring that we have fun and give back to our communities, while delivering outstanding work 
  • We hold live, virtual, quarterly meetings to update everyone on how the business is doing, celebrate work we’re proud of, and share updates from across the company
  • Our COMMendations program provides our staff with limitless opportunities to thank each other for their great work and for going above and beyond
  • The long-service awards acknowledge and thank those who have dedicated up to 5, 10, or 15 years to OPEN Health
COMM2001 2021 Roundup

The COMMunity program is unique to OPEN Health. Our core values and the wellbeing and engagement of our people are at its heart, and we could not be happier that we’ve prioritized this program. COMMunity went from strength to strength in 2021, and we are excited about evolving the program further this year.


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