Welcome to our 2017 graduates!

Written on Wednesday 6th September 2017

Last month, OPEN Health was delighted to welcome 8 new graduates to the various different companies within the group – yet again, beating our previous record of the largest ever intake for OPEN Health!

We welcome Ben Halford, Chloe Rainbird, Jen Billot and Rebecca Case to Marlow

…and Andrew Thompson, Julia Taylor, Katie Nixon and Jordan McKibben to London.

As part of this year’s scheme, the graduates will be spending time in a number of different OPEN Health companies, suited to their specific expertise and interests within the healthcare agency world. The Marlow grads will complete two 9-month placements, rotating between Succinct(West), OPEN Access ConsultingAccretio or pH Associates, whilst the London grads will complete two 9-month placements within SuccinctChoice (London) Succinct (London), LEC (London) and Reynolds-Mackenzie.

The OPEN Health graduate scheme is part of the wider CHIME communicationsgroup graduate scheme. This means our graduates not only get to experience the excellent opportunities within our group, yet they will also get to partake in wider initiatives with the various groups within CHIME. The rotations within the OPEN Health group coupled with the projects within CHIME, means OPEN Health truly offer our graduates fantastic exposure to industry.

Again, we welcome Ben, Chloe, Jen, Rebecca, Andrew, Julia, Katie and Jordan to the team, and wish them a great journey with us.

For more information on our graduate scheme for next year, please contact Sarah Longmuir, HR Business Partner at sarahlongmuir@openhealth.co.uk.