Nice conference 2017: Putting together a great value proposition

Written by Dorinda Hickey on Monday 5th June 2017

Dorinda Hickey, CEO of OPEN Access Consulting (An OPEN Health company) recently attended the NICE 2017 conference in Liverpool and has written a summary about what she learnt.

The NICE 2017 conference gave attendees really clear advice on how to put together a great value proposition. Sir Andrew Dillon, Chief Executive, NICE and Professor Carole Longson CBE, Director of the Centre for Health Technology Evaluation, NICE, held a conversation session on this topic on the first day of the conference last week in Liverpool.

OPEN Access Consulting (an OPEN Health company) heard that a good value proposition should recognise the constraints of the system into which the technology is to be introduced. Manufacturers should make the most of opportunities for early engagement regarding reimbursement and adoption; where available they should use scientific advice programmes.

It was emphasised that in evaluating a new technology, NICE and NHS England need to develop a transparent and flexible framework which is clear about key decision determinants and measures of value. Flexibility is required in the methods used to recognise complexity and uncertainty and the timelines facilitating rapid and standard options for approval need to be taken into consideration.

Opportunities for commercial discussions should be built in as early as possible, particularly where there are complex reimbursement proposals, high budget impact technologies or where therapeutic value assessment is integrated into reimbursement solutions. For managed access arrangements it is important to define selected populations, starting and stopping rules as well as requirements for evidence collection, patient consent and reimbursement. In order to support adoption, manufacturers need to build a business case incorporating the way in which the technology will change clinical practice, bankable resource advantages, what needs to be done to implement the therapeutic change and what the company can do to support this change.

This session provided really helpful insights for those charged with developing a value proposition which reflects the needs of the healthcare system into which a new technology is being introduced.

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