Resource use data to demonstrate the value of your brand?

Written by Amanda Pulfer on Friday 4th May 2018

Do you need resource use data to provide supporting evidence that demonstrates the value of your brand? 

Despite offering clear benefits in terms of satisfying unmet clinical need, many new interventions face barriers to adoption within healthcare settings due to resourcing challenges beyond acquisition cost. 

pH Associates specialise in the design and implementation of non-interventional research studies using a number of different methods. These include economic studies involving the collection of data on the time and resource implications associated with displacing an existing intervention or adopting a new one, typically referred to as Time and Motion Studies.  Such studies can be conducted at single hospitals offering an innovative service or at multiple centres to provide a more generalisable description of resource impact.  

Our general approach involves describing and quantifying the activities and resources required for the preparation and administration of medicines within real world clinical practice, such as:-

  • associated staff time
  • consumables required
  • capital items through direct observation.

In addition, evaluations of patient, carer and staff experience and satisfaction with services can provide additional insight into current service delivery and efficiency, and highlight any potential barriers involved. 

Some of our clients commission this type of evaluation as a bespoke project although we have also conducted a number of sub-studies as part of ongoing work, allowing sponsors and investigators the opportunity to enrich study results with temporally relevant real world data. 

pH have a 10 year history of successful delivery of this type of study and have recently seen a resurgence in their use due to planned introductions of effective maintenance therapy. 

Something to consider for your brand?   

If you would like any further information about Time and Motion studies and how resource use data could be used to demonstrate the value of your brand or to discuss your other real world evidence requirements then please contact Sam or Amanda on or