Learning the ropes as an Associate Medical Writer

Written by Laura Eagles on Tuesday 3rd July 2018

After graduating from the University of Nottingham with a BSc in Neuroscience, I wondered which career path to follow. I knew that I loved science but I did not want to work in a laboratory. After some research into potential careers, I discovered the world of Medical Communications, more specifically, medical writing. A job where I could use my science degree, keep up-to-date with the latest scientific developments, meet new people AND get paid for it – honestly, it seemed too good to be true! Thankfully, I found an opening for a medical writing job at Succinct Medical Communications. 

The environment at Succinct is welcoming, and filled with amazing people who excel at their role and who want to share their learnings. The work is varied and, don’t laugh, exciting! Find out more about the first 6 weeks in my dream job as an Associate Medical Writer…


WEEK 1 “My first week went so quickly!”

After meeting the team and having coffee with my allocated buddy, my new life in Medical Communications started with a bang. Week 1 saw me meeting the CEO and working on my first account (already!); it was great to get involved straight away. I also attended a number of induction meetings across the entire company as well as with our in-house studio and digital teams.


Week 2 introduced me to the day-to-day role and responsibilities of an Associate Medical Writer. I attended meetings, researched therapy areas, read key research papers and edited PowerPoint slides – but most importantly, I was introduced to the world of ZINC. ZINC is an online platform that pharmaceutical companies use to make sure that the work we produce is compliant – it is a pretty big deal!

WEEK 3 "I loved getting involved from the start"

Week 3 consisted of editing, proofreading, researching, referencing, writing and much more. I learnt a great deal from my surrounding team and I was thrilled to be developing material from the very start. I also attended my first ‘Lunch and Learn’ session – a training programme that ranges in topics from the basics of pitching to the ins and outs of the ABPI Code of Practice whilst providing you with a delicious lunch!

WEEK 4 "Team lunch was a great welcome"

Week 4, much like Week 3, consisted of even more learning. This week also saw my first team lunch. The team is made up of account handlers, editors and medical writers who work collaboratively to produce high-quality work for our clients. The team that I work with are incredibly welcoming, encouraging and knowledgeable – they inspire me to perform at my best at all times.

WEEK 5 “My 1-month anniversary!”

Week 5 saw my 1-month anniversary at Succinct Medical Communications, and I was lucky enough to attend many important training sessions during this time. The first training session saw me travelling to London for a workshop on inflammatory bowel disease. The second training session focused on how to construct the perfect question – I didn’t know how complicated it was!

WEEK 6 "A highlight of my first 6 weeks"

During Week 6 I attended my first meeting in Manchester! The meeting was to discuss the optimal treatment of autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease. Working closely with the team, I was involved in the busy preparation in advance and my role was to produce a meeting report on the outcomes of the meeting. It was incredibly interesting to hear the discussions from experts in the area and their passion to improve patient care. I look forward to the next meeting.

All in all, my first 6 weeks at Succinct were challenging, exciting and fulfilling. My experiences were invaluable to my learning and I feel extremely lucky to be given the opportunity to start my career as an Associate Medical Writer at Succinct.


To find out more about medical writing and current roles available, contact Daniel Laghaney, Talent Acquisition Manager, OPEN Health.