Medical Affairs: Center-stage in Scientific Engagement Strategies

Written by Jill Condello, SVP Global Strategic Services on Wednesday 2nd March 2022

With regard to digital and virtual engagement, Medical Affairs must develop communication strategies that go beyond data dissemination, allowing for scientific exchange in these forums while continuing to conform with compliance policies.

The Medical Affairs function within pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies has been on an accelerated evolutionary trajectory in recent years. Shifting from its previous supportive and reactive role, Medical Affairs has become central to developing proactive strategies for evidence generation, data communication and personalized engagement, and on a larger scale, optimizing the life cycle of an asset. In that regard, we are seeing the foundation of the Medical Affairs function occur earlier and earlier in the asset life cycle, even ahead of clinical trial initiation. There are myriad drivers of Medical Affairs’ strategic renaissance – increased complexity of technologies and therapeutics being developed to address disease pathophysiology, the rise of precision medicine as a standard of care, and a focus on value demonstration from clinical, humanistic and economic perspectives, to name but a few. At its core, Medical Affairs remains central to data stewardship and effective scientific engagement, both internally within the commercial organization, as well as with a growing variety of external stakeholders.

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