October 13 2022

Making HEOR More Accessible to Patients

Join OPEN Health at the panel discussion: Making HEOR More Accessible to Patients and hear experts from patient advocacy, health literacy, and Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR). 

There is a deepening recognition of the value of engaging patients, their caregivers, and their advocacy organizations as partners to promote an understanding of burden and patient need, and thereby inform evidence generation and value argumentation. Whilst patients are becoming more attuned to data, evidence, and outcomes, the scientific and technical world of HEOR can be awash in acronyms and jargon. To engage with patient communities and invite them to be increasingly involved in HEOR activities, Pharma must make it more accessible to them.

Date: October 13, 2022
10:00 GMT/11.00 CET

Danielle Drachmann – Executive Director of Ketotic Hypoglycemia International & Patient Representative at the European Medicines Agency
Josie Godfrey
– Project lead Project Hercules & Cofounder of Realise Advocacy
Kristine Sorensen
 – Founder of Global Health Literacy Academy & President of International Health Literacy Association
Beth Lesher – Senior Director, Strategic Market Access, OPEN Health
Kelly McCarrier – Director and Qualitative Research Lead, Patient-Centered Outcomes, OPEN Health
Gavin Jones – Global Advisor, Rare Disease, OPEN Health